The Best Computer Desk Setup from IKEA

So I finally got a new desk for my computer, I am pretty picky but turns out the “Galant” desk series from IKEA was exactly what is was looking for and I got this really coo “Birch veneer” color which is easy on the eyes and not your typical black and boring desk.

IKEA Galant Computer Desk and Monitor Raiser

I got the standard IKEA “galant” desk with 2 T-Legs which I think is more efficient than having 4 legs , with the computer stand under the desk a small cabinet and 2 wall shelf of the same color as the desk, I used one shelf in the wall and the other on top of the desk to raise the monitor using 4 4-inch Capita legs all from IKEA. Also picked up an accent light which has 2 small LED lamps and put them on top of shelf in the wall, the regular light next to the printer is also from IKEA !!.

IKEA Galant Computer Desk and Monitor Raiser 2

Even the mouse pad is also from IKEA.

IKEA Galant Computer Desk and Monitor Raiser 3

The speakers kindda match the light wood color and grey tones i got going on with the desk as well, you can see I also picked up some items from the bath section to hang up the earphones.

IKEA Galant Computer Desk and Monitor Raiser 4

Need to put this 2 pictures frames up in the wall.

IKEA Galant Computer Desk and monitor raiser 5

I really like how this IKEA “Galant” desk is very space efficient at the same time is big enough that i feels huge, I really like how open and minimal it is, very practical use of space.

IKEA Galant Computer desk and monitor raiser 6

I also got cable management from IKEA, which keeps all the cables neat and tight.

IKEA Galant Computer Desk and monitor Raiser 7

Cable management under the Galant IKEA desk

IKEA Galant Computer Desk and monitor raiser 8

I used screws to mount 2 power strips under the desk, also picked up thing to put wine glass from the kitchen section at IKEA but used it under the desk to put a little server/nettop, which worked very well, fits perfect.

IKEA Galant Computer Desk and Monitor Raiser 9

more of the wine glass rack, which holds the little computer just right

IKEA Galant Computer Desk and Monitor Raiser 10

The IKEA wine glass rack works like a charm and it was very cheap, i might get another one !!

This is a view more from the top perspective since the level of the top shelf is a bit higher than eye level, the IKEA LED lights really give them a cool visual effect.

IKEA Galant Computer Desk and monitor raiser with book shelf

Another view, this time more eye level, you can’t really see the top flat floor of the shelf since is a bit higher than eye level witch is pretty cool that way you don’t know how dusty it is, and also hides the LED light fixtures from plain view

IKEA Computer Desk and Monitor Raiser with top shelf

And the desk with the computer on, even with the computer on the accent LED lights in this computer desk setup give them a very cozy and warm feeling as well provide plenty of light for productivity, they almost look like light torches.

The accents lights in a more dark environment give the computer desk a more dramatic look.

IKEA galant computer desk and LED accent lights

IKEA Galant Computer Desk and Monitor Raiser 11

All I need to do now is get a bigger monitor, hang up some art work and get proper light in the room.

What kind of desk do you have, do you like my IKEA home office galant desk setup?


Unknown said...

I do like your desktop set up, I am in the process of setting up my own space. Though I've got a bigger screen already :)

Unknown said...

I am glad I found your desk design. I copied it, but did a couple things differently. I have large computer case, so it works better on the outside. I feel like the cooling is better there for it as well. I also don't have an upper shelf, but put ikea led strips (color changing) under the monitor riser. Great ideas here.

Anonymous said...

This setup would look nice for a treadmill desk but for half the price.

Unknown said...

Do you need to remove the table top to mount the desktop computer holder, or can the 2 mounting tabs wrap around the frame and just underneath the table top?

jd said...

Great setup! I'm trying to do something similar, but I have a question: Is the shelf on the capita legs actually attached to the desk somehow? If so, how did you do it? Thanks!

Unknown said...

hi i really like your desktop design.

I am to in the process of setting up my computer desk.

though the same table wont be available in my county, i would like to have a similar table as your. I really like how much space your table provide.

Could you please tell me the length and breadth of your table top.

Thanks in advance.


NewYears1978 said...

What is the little thing holding your modem/router. You mentioned wine section but I can't find anything like it.

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

Hi, I built my own desk along similar lines. I wanted to share the result of the inspiration from this post, but can't seem to post images in these comments. I bought an old used desk off kijiji. I totalled up the cost of all the pine I bought for shelving, monitor stand, keyboard tray and also a piece of pine for creating a stand for the cpu tower (I just put it on castors). Total came to $280. Thanks, again!

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...
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Chuck Bush said...

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Dane Parks said...

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