How to build the best IKEA computer desk (parts & Instructions)

A while ago I put together The Best Computer Desk setup from IKEA,  usually I don’t really care much about computer desks but after going to IKEA and building/putting together the perfect computer desk setup for my shiny (at the time) Windows 7 Desktop I realize how cool (and time consuming)  was the whole experience.

If you would like to see the computer desk I put together from Ikea you can see more pictures here: The Best Computer Desk setup from IKEA

Here is a picture from of desk I put together:

IKEA Galant Computer desk Instructions and parts

Now more importantly if  you would like to put together the same computer desk setup for yourself, I am going to do you a favor and save you some time and tell you exactly what are all the parts I got from Ikea to to make my super cool and awesome computer desk from IKEA.

The Computer Desk

IKEA Galant Computer Desk[4]

So this picture pretty much is taken straight from the IKEA site and display exactly the computer desk I got, the model is called the IKEA GALANT DESK frame and comes with a table top that is 160 cm by 80 cm or 63 inches by 31 inches, which gives  you plenty of room to put key board, mouse and anything else you might need. The table top I got is the birch veneer wood which gives it a very nice and tropical clean wood color  and the legs I got is the T-Legs for the desk I found this legs to be the most convenient because while you are sitting town the desk you are less likely to hit your knees in the desk legs than if you go with “A”-Shaped legs, I also recommend going with the desk that is silver color because looks cleaner and nicer just like the photo. And the most important point about this T-shaped legs is that you can adjust the height of the desk very easily only one screw on each leg and done.

One thing  to consider is the table top, if you go to the IKEA store in person you will see that you can also get a table top that is all glass, I think this is a totally personal choice however I recommend not get the glass top because it is heavier and not to mention glass is a magnet for fingerprints and I don’t feel confortable with glass since it can break and you can get cut, even though the glass is supposed to be very tough etc, but glass will be glass. One big plus for the wood table top is stain resistant and easy to keep clean.

The Monitor Riser Stand

IKEA Computer Monitor Riser Stand[9]

The stand table that raises the monitor is made with the EKBY JARPEN  wall shelf (without the wall mounting parts) in birch veneer color to match the desk also in the same wood color, this is another reason go to with a table top for the desk that is not glass since you can’t get this wall shelf in glass. It is very nice to use the the wall shelf to be used as monitor raiser to match the same material and color as the desk table, that way people think it actually came with the desk, not to mention everything looks less ghetto when it all matches. in my case I went with the light color wood and silver color for metal parts.

One thing to keep in mind is that you can get 2 of these wall shelf: one to use as a computer monitor riser and the other one to use as an actual wall shelf above the computer monitor, that is exactly what I did, if you do the same you must remember to get the pieces that are use to mount the wall shelf to the wall which I believe they are the “EKBY BJARNUM” pieces and they are metallic and they screw into the wall to hold the wall shelf, I recommend this to make your home office look more nice with everything of the same color (silver/metallic and birch veneer wood color)

The wall shelf is 46X11 inches.

The Computer Monitor Riser Legs

IKEA Computer Monitor Riser Stand Legs

The monitor riser shelf needs to have 4 legs in my case I went with 4 IKEA CAPITA Legs which come in  stainless steel and complement very nicely the silver color frame of the IKEA GALANT desk. The IKEA capita legs come in a 4 unit Pack, which means you get the 4 legs you need in one package. These legs come in the size 4, 6, and 8 inches, and trust me on this one you want to get the smaller size (4 inches) if you can’t find the 4 inches size at the store try to order them online or Ebay because 4 inches plus the thickness of the wall shelf is just about the right height to rise the monitor, anything longer is it is just too high. Also remember that the legs need to be screwed to the wall shelf (not to the desk)  and once they are screwed to the wall shelf simple put the lets on top of your desk, there is no need to secure them to the desk.

Computer Holder

IKEA Galant Computer Desk - Computer Holder

The IKEA GALANT desk does not comes with a desktop computer desk holder, however you can get this holder for very cheap and I highly recommend it, this holder is very strong and sturdy and can hold computer of all sizes and you can put it very conveniently on either side under the desk. this is a metal holder and you must remember to get it in the same silver color to match the desk frame and legs.

IKEA Cable Management for Computer Desk

IKEA Cable Management Computer Desk

Optional Drawer Unit

IKEA Galant Computer Desk Drawer

HELMER Drawer unit comes with casters and the same silver color to match the silver metal parts of the desk frame. Slot for label on each drawer. Helps keep contents organized and easy to find. comes with 6 bays. Highly recommend this to keep all  your cable etc.

Optional Desk Lamp

IKEA Computer Desk Lamp

This item is optional because not everyone needs a desk lamp, but if you do IKEA has many desk lamps, I was not able to find the one I have setup with my desk (if you see at my picture above) however this one is very close to what I have, which has a metallic silver frame to match the desk and can be attached either to the desk or even better to the monitor riser stand.

Optional Mouse Pads

IKEA Computer Mouse Pads

Ikea also has mouse pads in stock, in my case I got the LAGIS Mouse pad which I believe is the only model they have, I got myself white but if you find silver get it to match the rest of your desk setup and since they are so cheap buy a few in case you loose them or you get them dirty.

Optional wine glass rack as cable management

IKEA wine glass rack as cable management

Wine glass rack from IKEA used to hold other electronic related needs like a wireless router, an external hard drive, a mini computer etc.

IKEA Wine Glass Rack for Computer Desk

Optional Ikea LED lights

IKEA LED lights


Best IKEA Computer Desk parts

That’s pretty much it in a nut shell, what do you think? what would you change about my desk setup?


Michael said...

It means so much more when you can work at a desk you've customized yourself.
It's a fab desk, creative thinking, some good ideas and budget conscious.


Eugene said...

Just perfect! Thanks for sharing!!! I'm going to build the same desk for myself.

A-que! said...

I want to build one like this for myself. Can you provide me the measurements? Basic height, length and breadth in inches :)

Unknown said...

I can't fully express how glad I was to find such a detailed and beautiful setup. I've been looking for some inspiration and this is it. This is such a wonderful setup. Thank you for posting.

Unknown said...

Do you need to drill holes in to the shelf for the monitor riser?

Anna Schafer said...

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Emma Jasmine said...

Hello .. i would say thanks to you for sharing such information. You really set up your desk in a best looking manner also it is not looking messed up instead of having many gadgets and cables. You kept it simple and also uses cable management as it is important also to manage your cable. Jumbled up and tangled cables are a safety hazard to all, both, due to the danger posed by people tripping over them, as well as due to the fire hazard they pose. I always recommend every one to always use cable management basket when setting up their computer desk, that will always protect you and also get you rid off tangled cables.

Zayden Wood said...

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