The Most Practical IKEA Computer Desk - VIKA VEINE

I am a huge fan IKEA computer desks, not only because they are reasonably priced, but most important they are among the most practical desks you can easily find, very lightweight, easy to move and easy to assemble.

I myself put together an IKEA computer desk, the IKEA Galant desk. The desk itself is very useful, plenty of desk flat space and even had enough space to put a monitor riser, all and all a good, solid and practical desk all around, however sometimes I find myself cleaning the desk all the time, I end up putting many things on top my desk and most of the time looks like this messy computer desk.

I recently came across the VIKA VEINE computer desk from IKA, and I have come to the conclusion that is definitely one of the most practical and clever computer desks you can get from IKEA. The desk looks like a good size, not too big or small, but what makes this desk the most practical is the fact that it “hides” the computer parts such as the mouse, keyboard, cables laptop or monitor or whatever other thing you usually have laying around your desk. The top of the desk is foldable so when you don’t need to use the computer simple close the folding top and done, you have a clutter free desk, and when you need to work on the desk just fold the top up and all your stuff is there like  you left it, cables, mouse, pens, headphones, papers keys, mobiles devices etc.

VIKA VEINE - VIKA MOLIDEN Table Computer Desk 01

The cool thing about this setup is that you can always keep your desk as messy as you need it but only when you are working on and using the desk, when  you are done simple fold the top down and the mess is gone.

Its like having a closet, you can always keep it messy, but for a quick “clean up” just close the folding top and the mess is gone, is that super practical or what?

VIKA VEINE - VIKA MOLIDEN Table Computer Desk 02[8]

When the desk is not folded you can use the build in pockets to hold your pens and papers or get even more creative and add more pockets yourself to fit your needs.

VIKA VEINE - VIKA MOLIDEN Table Computer Desk 03

VIKA VEINE - VIKA MOLIDEN Table Computer Desk 03[7]

The desk also hides any electrical outlets, power strips which makes it a very convenient as a way of cable management to hide all those messy cables away from plain sight, and straight from IKEA comes in two colors: brown or white. and if you are really feeling creative you can always paint it with your favorite color.

VIKA VEINE - VIKA MOLIDEN Table Computer Desk 05[4]

VIKA VEINE - VIKA MOLIDEN Table Computer Desk 07

If you have a computer desktop, you can also customize the desk and “bolt” down the computer monitor do the folder desk top to make it easy to hide, the only thing you will not be able hide is your desktop tower, but simple just leave on the floor or in a nearby corner.

The computer setup in this photo shows a computer monitor “bolted” to the computer desk, this setup is cool because you can put a big monitor and when you are not using it, just close the top and the monitor his hidden, along with everything else and you get a clean desktop. Keep in mind that mounting a computer monitor to the desk this way requires a lot of skill and not all monitor will work for this setup so make sure you check the ideahacker link below for more info.

VIKA VEINE - VIKA MOLIDEN Table Computer Desk 08

This is definitely a practical and awesome folder desk or “hidden” desk, what do you think? is there a better hidden desk than this one?



max said...

Ikea does not seem to have this desk anymore do you know where I can find it?

Unknown said...

I have a brown one I'm selling. I live in Chicago. Email me at if you are nearby and still want one.

Arati Devasher said...

Pity it's no longer available. I want one!

Anner said...

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